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    Cy Burke

    Are There Other Success Stories?

    A year from the start of the Half Hour Diet, patients who have tried the strategy say it is easy and “painless,” and many are saving on food costs. A few recent stories:

    –A man lost 67 pounds over the year, came off 5 of 7 medicines, saves $150 per month in prescription copays, and has about 70 pounds more to lose.
    –A woman lost 30 pounds in 6 months and a total of 35 pounds at 9 months.
    –A woman lost 30 pounds over the year and has 30 pounds more to lose.
    –A man lost 15 pounds over 3 months.
    –Another man lost 17 pounds over 3 months and 27 pounds by 6 months, his diabetes and high blood pressure are under better control, and he takes much lower doses of medicines.

    Obstacles to success: Many patients directed to this website never access it, and of those who do, many never try the Half-Hour Diet even though the approach is so simple. But a simple strategy can only work for those who try it, which requires at least a little bit of willpower.

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