How Much Will I Save on The Half-Hour Diet?

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    Cy Burke

    How Much Will I Save on The Half-Hour Diet?

    Some people are saving money on the Half-Hour Diet. One family cut their regular chicken dinner from three pieces to just one piece per family member, and another family cut from two pieces to one. A third family now ends the month with food stamps left over. One man recently stopped his wife from buying two pounds of fish for a dinner for three. Another man now eats half of his dinner the next day as a free lunch. Most participants describe the Half-Hour Diet as painless, noting the nearly complete lack of restrictions, which makes any savings even more satisfying.

    If half the overweight people, in the United States and around the world, could lose weight on the Half-Hour Diet (which can be applied in any culture), that could save all the energy to grow, harvest, transport, prepare, and serve that food. And if each of those people could also save on gym memberships, dietary supplements, and health costs, a negligible first investment could yield enormous savings.

    Eating till full may help spawn antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Perhaps if we ate half as much poultry and beef, we could stop feeding antibiotics to chicken and cattle to increase yields.

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