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    Cy Burke

    Must I Change What I Eat?

    Maybe not. The body stores excess calories as fat. Because it is harder to exceed daily calorie requirements on diets high in vegetables, those diets are healthier, in part, because they reduce the problem of excess calorie storage. Eating fewer calories on any diet may have similar benefits.

    Around the world, people eat very different diets. Except for essential requirements (i.e. vitamins and certain minerals, fats, and protein), the body simply converts whatever is present in excess into whatever it lacks.

    Because diets of rich and poor nations are so different, we worry about what, as well as how much, we are eating. But the storage of markedly excessive calories, as fat, may be the major culprit in the western diet. Perhaps observations from rich countries with diets high in animal products and processed foods, predominantly reflect excess calories.

    Many people on the Half-Hour Diet are losing weight even though they have not changed what they eat, and some report significant improvement in their diabetes, hypertension, and sense of wellness. They describe this “diet” as an easy, simple way to reduce calories, requiring only a little willpower. Because of this, they believe they can continue the Half-Hour Diet forever.

    Do eat your vegetables and avoid junk food, but first limit calories.

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