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    Cy Burke

    Will It Work For Everyone?

    No. In one medical practice, some patients lose weight on this diet, but others never try it, which is puzzling since the approach is so simple and requires no purchase or study.

    Perhaps some are comfortable with their weight, despite external pressure to diet, and if so, good for them—through the ages and across cultures, vastly different weights have been considered healthy and attractive, so above all, your weight is your own concern. Perhaps others were still hungry after the half hour pause and did not want to report failure. Some with anxiety, depression, or stress may be self-medicating with food. Perhaps a few are so insulted or jaded, after trying so many fad diets, that to them even a simple diet seems impossible. And one patient who did try the diet reported returning after the pause and promptly eating the second half of his food. He runs several miles per day, so perhaps that exercise is increasing his hunger and undermining his weight control effort.

    Clearly, the diet will not work for everyone, but with three out of four Americans—250 million people—overweight, even if it helps only one in ten, that is 25 million people.

    At times, we all self-medicate with food for anxiety, stress, and depression, and at times we all may lack willpower and be tempted by pricey dietary fixes. But perhaps we have overlooked something small but significant—something that acts slowly so that we do not associate the habit with the weight gain. It seems plausible that new habits surrounding changes in the timing of meals have undermined natural feedback. Patient experiences in one medical practice seem to support this conclusion. Perhaps others will post their experience, whether positive or negative, for all to consider.

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