Why Some Diets Fail

Most diets are restrictive, limiting foods, calories, or mealtimes, and while many people can follow restrictions for months (often losing weight to wear the outfit to that special occasion), most appear unwilling or unable to endure such restrictions for a lifetime. Calorie counting is one of the most effective dieting programs, and those who have tried it generally lose weight and become well aware of the caloric density of foods, yet eventually, some lose interest in calorie counting.

The sale of expensive dietary supplements suggests either that overweight poor people will be denied the chance to trim down, or they will need financial assistance to lose weight, or perhaps food supplements are not necessary. Public humiliation motivates some but eventually loses its power or people otherwise avoid it. Stomach surgery may give that full sensation earlier in the meal.

Long-term weight loss requires a sustainable lifestyle change. Most people can learn the transience of fullness as a goal and become reacquainted with satiety as the opposite of hunger.

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