Why We Cook More Food Than Before

Serve Less Food for Family Weight Loss

There are several reasons we cook more food than before: more money, less time, two working parents, better preservatives, and better refrigeration.

With an icebox, leftover food spoiled, so cooks counted how many would attend a meal and prepared just the right amount. If the cook estimated too low, everyone took a little less. With modern refrigeration, we no longer worry about making too much, and quite often, a few extra guests could appear and no one would suffer.

Also in the past, the “typical” family had a working spouse and a cooking spouse. Today, one form of the “typical” family includes a working spouse and a cooking-and-working spouse, and for them, the ability to preserve leftovers is a welcome relief from every-day, every-meal cooking. We now plan for leftovers by cooking extra, then without thinking, we put far more food on the table, enabling larger first portions and then seconds and thirds.

With modern preservatives, refrigeration, and transport, per capita calorie intake has doubled as more of what we grow reaches the market and more of what we buy reaches our stomach. You could buy and cook less food, or instead, right after food preparation, you could set aside for leftovers and serve much less food on your table.

Cook as much as you want, but serve less.

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