Why This Site Exists

This site is for the benefit of anyone wishing to lose weight, but especially for our patients with illnesses caused or worsened by being overweight. Some are taking their first steps to lose weight. Others want an approach different from those they have tried in the past. And a few are considering drastic measures that they might avoid with steady weight loss, perhaps on this simple approach, which can complement any diet.

There is rarely time for detailed discussion of weight loss between doctors and patients, and it is unsatisfying when we can offer only generic advice to "lose weight." This site hopes to provide information more efficiently and at your own pace, perhaps saving hours of repetition in the office, and if it becomes as effective as face-to-face explanation, then this diet may help many more people.

If you can succeed with the Half-Hour Diet, then effective weight loss is within the reach of everyone. I hope it works for you and your family or friends. Good luck.

About the Author

The author is a physician in private practice. His quite limited interest in dieting stems from the effects of obesity on health. Rational treatment of many illnesses includes a commitment to long-term weight loss, which patients often find challenging.

The author describes the origins of the Half Hour Diet:

"My lunch is chronically rushed, but one day my schedule had another opening about a half hour after lunchtime, so I ate only three slices (rather than five medium pizza slices needed to feel "full" for lunch), saving two slices to savor a half hour later. When the break arrived, hunger had eased and the remaining slices were not only not appetizing, they were repulsive. Later, I found that pausing after two slices, while still hungry, was soon just as satisfying without the usual bloated feeling. To end lunchtime bloating, I continued these reduced lunches and, over the next ten months without trying to lose weight, I lost seventeen pounds. Sharing this example with some of my patients helped them to lose weight with what is now the Half-Hour Diet. I hope it works for you too."

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  1. Considering myself to be a “woman of logic” all of this makes perfect sense to me and I’m thankful for being led in this direction….now to put it in effect…to be continued!