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First, you already have free access to the site, so you can already apply the Half Hour Diet, perhaps while also following any approach that emphasizes portion control and sensible food choices (including commercial weight-loss programs like Weight Watchers, but maybe, by supporting each other, we can make such programs unnecessary).

Second, you might try the Half Hour Diet with a group and learn more from the support and experience of others following the same strategy (like the comment at the bottom of this page).

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  1. I have been trying to commit to the half hour diet with the mindset of the half hour later not feeling like I want to eat as much as I did a half hour ago. I eat when depressed, stressed or needy. I was advised that this diet may not work for me because of that. However, I feel that when I apply the half hour “diet” mentality of waiting the half hour before eating more, it works. It actually starts to work with me after about fifteen minutes that I wasn’t as hungry as I was those fifteen minutes ago. I think a lot of the eating habits we have do rely on what we are “supposed to”eat and do…. This is not the case. I was once told to only eat when I am hungry. Don’t eat because it is “time” to eat lunch or dinner. Because I eat when stressed, it has been a little difficult for me to lose weight right now, but I am determined to continue the “half hour diet” mentality and I have gone back to the gym to get some exercising in. This will help with the stressors in my life and maybe I won’t eat so much because of stress. I need to learn to eat when I am hungry “only”. None of this is easy. I am not an obese person and only need to lose about 10-20 lbs. Years ago, when I went to Weight Watchers, I used to feel it was just as hard if not harder for me to lose my ten pounds as it was for someone to lose their fifty pounds!! It is a new lifestyle change and not a diet. Everyone is always hesitant to change, however, I think change is good sometimes. In the instance of changing one’s eating habits, I feel that is so important to feeling healthy and energetic. I am determined to do this and become more healthy and conscious of what I am eating and how I change my lifestyle of eating. Diets are not long term to me, the fact that this is called the half hour diet, I feel it should be called the half hour mentality…..sorry Dr. … but this is more of a lifestyle change for you to program your body and mind to not eat when not hungry! If we can program our bodies and minds to counteract with each other and eat only when hungry and eat as healthy as possible, of course, I am not saying not to ever have a cheat day here and there, let’s not die, even those are the first three letters of DIET…!!! We need ot not deprive ourselves, just control our bodies and minds to do the right thing. I think the half hour diet mentality is the way to conquer the cravings and help change our eating lifestyle bad habits and change them for the good. i look forward to sharing stories, experiences and any tips I find helpful in my journey to renew my lifestyle of eating better.

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