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June 21, 2011 9:50 AM
This philosophy makes a lot of sense. While I have never gone on a “diet” in the exact way it’s described here, I have noticed over the years that if I just stop eating and wait, I often don’t want any more food. In fact, this is probably one of the reasons why I’ve never had a weight problem. The same is true for after-meal sweets—what seems appealing right after a meal (largely to “keep it going” I think) is often decidedly not appealing a half an hour or an hour later.

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  1. Wow! This approach is actually do-able and practical for any lifestyle. It makes perfect sense– I find myself over-eating without even being conscious of it. The trick is having the self discipline to stop!

  2. I can’t believe as a Dr you would tell people not to join a gym and exercise. I am a personal trainer and I don’t agree with all you say. You are not a RD or an expert in exercise!!

    • princess….you are not listening (hearing)…..This is a diet to lose weight…You don’t have to go to a gymn to lose weight, you can do it by eating less…This is not about keeping in shape…again it is about losing weight….Folks can still go to a gymn for cardiovascular reasons but that won’t solve the weight problem…eating less is the solution…

  3. I exercise often but feel increased hunger and apply healthy eating habits in food preparation, but crave “sweet and salty” snacks eg: chocolate/chips. I plan on applying these diet tips to decrease hunger and cravings. The Half-Hour diet plan promotes utilizing brain power and patience, two aspects of our nature we tend not to exercise.

  4. This is so simple but very true! I have lost 60 pounds this year, and it was largely due to not being hungry and feeling full. It was NOT from exercising. Good luck to anyone else trying to lose weight. you CAN do it!

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