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Eating less frees resources for redistribution within our communities or wherever hunger and starvation occur. Consider the problem of Worldwide Childhood Mortality and where some of your food and savings might go:

International hunger-relief charities can be eye-opening and motivating, and in the United States, we also have many federal, state, local, church, and public charitable organizations that reach out to those in need of a helping hand.

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  1. Dear Dawn, I could tell you a long story of my childhood days living in a 7 room tenament in a large family of 13 people…5 boys and 6 girls plus parents. Needless to say our parlor was a bedroom..We had our father and one sister working while the rest of us were either going to school or two older brothers serving in World War II and Korean war… Most of us wore hand me downs, ate such foods as homony and beans, oatmeal, soups of all kinds and on Sunday were lucky to have such things as a meatloaf, ham or pot roast which we ate and used to make various other soups and meals during the week….We didn’t have an allowance nor any luxuries ….We went to bed at 8 p.m. (hungry if we didn’t like the supper meal) , at Christmas we got toys from the Salvation Army but absolutely no welfare handouts or help from any other handout agency…..We all survived and are prospering today..We worked hard to get an education, even if it meant going late into the night to go to schools or going on weekends, taking advantage of any opportunties available to us…sometime it took years to get a skill but we didn’t give up……I am well aware of the poverty of this country having travelled around quite a bit….Poverty for the most part in the U.S. today is not because of the lack of help available – In one community I serve there is at least 6 or more agencies with open doors providing anything from money, food certificates at a local supermarket, clothing, weekly food baskets, temporary shelters, rides to work places, schools for job retraining, and on and on…..they are provided by the Federal Gov., State agencies, local and national charitable agencies i.e., Salvation Army, Red Cross, Churches, Community Action Centers, and the list goes on….Third world countries don’t have the charitable facilities or the monies available to provide the resources necessary to take care of the poor and desparate children and adults..That’s why reputable charitable agencies in the United States, United Nations try to do as much as they can so that a whole generation of children are not wiped off the face of the earth , dying from hunger, malnutrition and disease…..The problem with poverty in the U.S. is partly due to wrong parental choices, the economic climate at a particluar time, folks who want a cradle to grave benefits program , social benefits which more often than not exceed some wage scales for unskilled workers, i.e. MacDonalds, Burger King. We have folks in many States who have a mindset that generation after generation will not work as long as there is a welfare system to provide for them…..My greatest concern is that the people who create the economic problems through government intervention keep getting elected to office …..There are times when a doctor prescribes a medicine which is not very good tasting, but if we take it , it will heal what ails us….We need to make some tough choices in this country that may not be palatable but are necessary if we are to get our economy back on a solid footing and get a majority of our people working again and the poor off the welfare rolls……The medicine needed is not going to be what we want but it is necessary to cure our problem or we can’t continue pouring all our tax dollars into resources that keep folks sitting on a couch or easy chair….I will keep your family in prayer that you overcome the situation that is hindering your family members from rising above the poverty level and becoming full time productive members of your community…

  2. I find it very interesting that you want everyone to send money to charities that we save from not spending on the food bills,which is a good idea,but,I find there are no charities for the United States listed on any of the charities you have mentioned. I honestly dont know if this was an oversight on your part,but,in America we have many starving people right here. They are the “invisible people” which one in every six person is a child that goes hungry every night. Most children here in America eat everyday at school breakfast and the free lunch program,then they dont know where their next meal is coming from. These are the ones we should worry about first. These are our families,our friends,our neighbors. If we put commercials on with them standing in doorways looking sad would you donate to them? Or would you deny that there is a problem in America? Do you really want your dollars sent to countries that have programs set up to help them,or are you willing to find a charity willing to help those who have had their houses foreclosed,living in their cars,or tents,welfare is not the answer,shelters dont keep families together. If living with relatives they still need to eat,still need clothes,still need to go to school and have no school supplies no money for basic things. If you save a few dollars or a lot,these are the people that can really use your help. So please think carefully if you are thinking of contributing to charity.

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