The Half Hour Diet

Diet In Three Steps: Eat, Pause, Reflect. . .

  1. Eat less food than you usually do.
  2. Distract yourself for half an hour.
  3. Then, if you are still hungry, have more.

But you probably won't be hungry, and here is why:

Hunger and satiety (satisfaction) arise in the brain. After a meal, it takes time for enough signals from the stomach to reach the brain, eliminate hunger, and enhance satisfaction (satiety). If the effect were immediate, we would always eat just the right amount. Unfortunately, with an abundance of food and waning cultural rules against eating fast, we pack in far more calories than we need while the brain is confused by the delay.

The Half Hour Diet gives time for this natural control system to lessen hunger so that, after a pause, it takes less willpower to resist eating more. Read below for the Diet Details, the Weight/Wait, some Strategies, and FAQs.   Try it.

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