First Year of the Half Hour Diet

A year from the start of the FREE Half Hour "Diet", patients returning for one-year follow-up are adding success stories. All say this weight-loss strategy is easy and "painless," that they are saving on food costs, and (for those now on fewer pills) that their medicine adjustments were initiated by their doctors. A few recent stories:

--A man lost 67 pounds over the year, was taken off 5 of his 7 medicines, and is saving $150 per month in prescription copays (he still has about 70 pounds to lose).
--A woman lost 30 pounds in 6 months and a total of 35 pounds at 9 months.
--A woman lost 30 pounds over the year (she still has 30 pounds to lose).
--A man lost 15 pounds over 3 months.
--Another man lost 17 pounds over 3 months, and his diabetes and high blood pressure are under better control on much lower doses of medicine (he still has 30 pounds to lose).

Obstacles to success: many patients directed to this website never access it, and of those who do, many never try the "Diet" strategy even though the approach is simple and free. Perhaps it can only work for those who try it (which requires a little bit of willpower)?

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